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TODAY IS ALREADY 18TH NOVEMBER 2007! My, how time flies so fast.

I encouraged everyone who lurks or stalks reads this site (this is especially assigned to those who can't attend the concert or go to Japan) to participate in this exciting 17 hours countdown to Heart Of Rock LIVE!

(image by Darin)

Each hour will be post about anything random that has to do with SIAM SHADE or any of the former band members (HIDEKI, KAZUMA, DAITA, NATCHIN, JUNJI). It could be about your feelings for the concert, some fanarts or graphics you made, your experience about their music, interesting facts you want to share about them, found goofy pictures of them and feel like posting, etc!

Post up your stuff here and I shall feature it in our main site which is !

See you all there ^_^/

Anna Sagara

PS. also, there will be a LIVE shoutcast lead by June of South America region. will post more about it later as the details is not released by her.

PSS. I will be occupied/online all the time until Monday morning (19 Nov. '07) to keep up with HEART OF ROCK event, add me at Yahoo! Messenger withe my ID "anna_sagara" or Skype me at "anna_sagara at yahoo dot com" and my new email is "anna sagara at gmail dot com". Keep in touch!
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