nina nur (ninaphobic) wrote in siamshade,
nina nur

help =(

hi.. i'm new here...

just wanted to tell you all, that i'm a big fan since 2000, and i was pretty sad when they decided to disbanded.

i just saw some of the V8 clips on you tube (i know it's pretty late).. and i have to say that final concert was pretty emotional. made me wanna cry seeing every single clips..

i'm in indonesia, and i've been searching all over the place for siam shade's music and video.. and it's pretty rare to find.. now i managed to get the whole music, but i'm still looking for their videos..

could someone tell me where i could find their videos (apart from you tube), especially their V8 & V7's full live performance.. because it's almost impossible to get it on my country.. plus the japan dvds aren't compatible with most asian countries dvd player.. so pretty much there's no point in ordering them online..... =(

please help me guys...
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