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Brand new Siam Shade Forum opened! 
03:25am 18/11/2008
  One year has passed...that's why today is the official board opening! ^^

Everyone is invited to join, discuss and share the Siam Shade love ^o^


We are waiting for you :D

with best regards your hopefully future admin ^^v
love live video.. 
09:52pm 15/11/2008
mood: cheerful

ohh i just found this on you tube..

SIAM SHADE Act Against AIDS 2001 Live in Nagoya

( go watch it )

i'm so excited that siam shade's video keeps pouring in on youtube lately..

more siam shade's magazine scans 
02:23pm 09/10/2008
mood: cheerful

ok as promised... more awesome scans..

total size: 14 MG (download now!!)

happy downloading ppl....  =)

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magazine scans 09/09/2007 re-upload 
12:47am 09/10/2008
  due to some requests.. i'm going to reupload the magazine scans that were posted on 09/09/2007.

so here it is. total is size 2MG. download link

i dont know whom should i give credit for these scans.
so if these are yours, please tell me and i will credit you asap.

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magazine scans.. 
02:54am 04/10/2008
  hi.. here are a few magazine scans (total: 13 mags) of our fav j-rock band...

size: 18 MB. download link
credit to: morgianasama

and again. if anyone would be super nice to translate it. it would be awesome!!
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Japanese metal and hard rock community! 
01:01pm 24/08/2008
  I know Siam Shade fans are sometimes into other Japanese metal and hard rock bands too, so if that's you, check it out:


Your Japanese Metal and Hard Rock Joint!

Sick of wading through shrieking visual kei fans just to have a decent discussion of Japanese metal or hard rock? We feel your pain. Want to talk about the Western rock and metal bands that inspired your Japanese faves? That's cool here too.
No matter whether you're into the old metal classics or today's heavy rock, been in the scene for years or brand-new and curious, fan of one band or many-- come rock with us!

Siam Shade fans welcome, of course (I'm one myself).

(Feel free to delete if this isn't allowed.)
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[Natchin - New band!] 
12:23pm 14/07/2008
mood: excited
He has been teasing about this new project of his forever now, and frequently updated his blog the last few days to make sure I'd really anticipate it. xP


So I thought I'd share it here!

My poor attempt at translating the journal entry about it and info. xP It shouldn't be too far off from what he writes.
Daita & binecks! 
11:55am 17/04/2008
mood: silly
New single next month!

01. Glory Days [Lyrics: Keita / Composition & Arrangement: Daita]
02. Ligth of love [Lyrics: Daita / Composition & Arrangement: Daita]

Binecks Official Site [¿?]

You canlisten a preview of this 2 songs on binecks site,
or you can 'click' here:

Release [here]:
2008.06.07 ALBUM: FANTASIA
2008.06.14 LIVE: The guitarr emission 3

♪  ..:: DAITA ::..
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10:41pm 12/12/2007
  Someone know ... or has seen these magazines?

11/27 B-PASS

12/10 ARENA 37°
12/27 GIGS

Siam Shade appear in these editions. I suppose that it brings information about 'Heart of Rock' live, his solist careers, and maybe a photo-sesion (I hope *O*!) ... But I don't have idea where to find them T_T!!!
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12:42pm 18/11/2007
mood: busy
TODAY IS ALREADY 18TH NOVEMBER 2007! My, how time flies so fast.

I encouraged everyone who lurks or stalks reads this site (this is especially assigned to those who can't attend the concert or go to Japan) to participate in this exciting 17 hours countdown to Heart Of Rock LIVE!

(image by Darin)

Each hour will be post about anything random that has to do with SIAM SHADE or any of the former band members (HIDEKI, KAZUMA, DAITA, NATCHIN, JUNJI). It could be about your feelings for the concert, some fanarts or graphics you made, your experience about their music, interesting facts you want to share about them, found goofy pictures of them and feel like posting, etc!

Post up your stuff here and I shall feature it in our main site which is http://kokorokararock.blogspot.com/ !

See you all there ^_^/

Anna Sagara

PS. also, there will be a LIVE shoutcast lead by June of South America region. will post more about it later as the details is not released by her.

PSS. I will be occupied/online all the time until Monday morning (19 Nov. '07) to keep up with HEART OF ROCK event, add me at Yahoo! Messenger withe my ID "anna_sagara" or Skype me at "anna_sagara at yahoo dot com" and my new email is "anna sagara at gmail dot com". Keep in touch!
03:25pm 06/11/2007
mood: curious
Kazuma's Maxi-Single ...
coming soon D:

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

(16 november,2007)
1. Butterfly
2. 僕のモノじゃない
3. I love You

And ... I have a question .... ^^'
I was surfing on Kazuma's Officialsite and I found this: .:.: Fifty50/50Fifty Official Website :.:.
Who knows something about this guys? ... Is his new band???O=
I just understood that Kazuma will be : vocal and guitarrist ..
Mmmm I don't know ....
Im confused
@_@ ..... xD!!!
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more scans 
09:51pm 04/11/2007
mood: cold

i've got more mag scans from my bestfriend...
again.. i dont really know whom should i gave credit for these pics... so somehow if these are yours, just tell me and i'll credit you.. =)

and , again, would someone be super nice to translate these for me .... i don't understand japanese...=(

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us 
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spread the SHAMU LOVE <3 
01:06am 05/10/2007


SIAM SHADE FANS UNITE RAWR!!!!!!!!!!1111111111111

for more info about it feel free to ask XDDD;

sorry for shameless plug V__V;;;
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03:46pm 30/09/2007
mood: creative
Is about a t-shirt...

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some magazines scans 
12:30am 09/09/2007
mood: excited

here are some photos from old magazines.. (got 'em all from my bestfriend, she found it on the net.. i dont know whom should i give credit for these scans.. so if somehow these scans are yours just tell me and i'll credit you...)

if anyone would be super nice to translate them =)... pretty please.....

Free Image Hosting - www.supload.com
Free Image Hosting - www.supload.com Free Image Hosting - www.supload.com

Free Image Hosting - www.supload.com Free Image Hosting - www.supload.com 

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Binecks - Sacred Vision 
10:14am 02/09/2007
mood: bouncy
Hi guys, I'm new to the community. I'm a Siam Shade fan living in Singapore and I've been a fan of their music since early 2001.

Has anyone here heard of the Binecks project by Daita? It features a vocalist, Keita, that has a very similar vocal tone to Hideki.. as well as the fact that a lot of the songs have bits and pieces that sound like a few Siam Shade songs (my theory is that this was done on purpose to egg the fans of Siam Shade on.. but hey, its just my own theory). Comparisons aside, I still find that its a great album. Just posting to let everyone know about it =)
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Siam Shade one-night reunion! 
08:17pm 05/07/2007
mood: excited
Siam Shade are officially going to reform to have a special concert on November 18th.

Read a bit more here!

That's great, isn't it? I'd never have guessed we'd see the guys together on stage again! ^_^
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help =( 
04:07pm 23/05/2007
  hi.. i'm new here...

just wanted to tell you all, that i'm a big fan since 2000, and i was pretty sad when they decided to disbanded.

i just saw some of the V8 clips on you tube (i know it's pretty late).. and i have to say that final concert was pretty emotional. made me wanna cry seeing every single clips..

i'm in indonesia, and i've been searching all over the place for siam shade's music and video.. and it's pretty rare to find.. now i managed to get the whole music, but i'm still looking for their videos..

could someone tell me where i could find their videos (apart from you tube), especially their V8 & V7's full live performance.. because it's almost impossible to get it on my country.. plus the japan dvds aren't compatible with most asian countries dvd player.. so pretty much there's no point in ordering them online..... =(

please help me guys...
11:05pm 31/03/2007
mood: hopeful
Just joined this community and thought I'd say hi  - anyone still here? ^_^; I think the guys of Siam Shade need more love than they usually get since they made such wonderful music together and all. I'd really enjoy talking about them and stuff, in any case. 

Anyway, let's spread the Siam Shade appreciation together!  
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Hideki and other things 
01:39am 04/04/2006
mood: drained
Don't know if anyone is hanging around here anymore, but I am curious if anyone else has heard Hideki's new album (Toki ga Owaru Made Tada... START) and what they think. And what everyone thinks of the whole Gekkan Hideki thing. 12 singles in 12 months. A bit of a task he's taken on.

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